Membership and Account Benefits

By becoming a member of the house association (KaWo Drei e.V.) and signing up with the e.V. you will get access to the offers of the different AGs and a fast network access! The offer of the house association currently includes a game and tool rental, the operation of a printer, a study room and a gym. With good weather a volleyball net can be rented.

Registration with the House Association

Registering for the KaWo Drei e.V. can be done together with the registration for network access, available online at

Alternatively, you can send the completed membership application form to the mailbox of the house association (house 2).

The membership in KaWo Drei e.V. costs 2 € per month. For new members, a one-time registration fee of 10 € will be charged additionally.

Registration for the Network

Please visit the website of e.V. at

You can access it via mobile data, as well as with eduroam and rwth-guests (available at the janitor’s office).