Our printer is located in the room behind the mailboxes in house 2 (Kastanienweg 10). There, each resident has access with their key. You can print both A4 and A3 and have the pages stapled and folded directly while printing.

Grey scale 0,04 € 0,06 €
Color 0,18 € 0,27 €


  1. First, recharge your KaWo account here and convert it to printer quota.
  2. If you want to print from your PC or laptop, install the printer driver (see “Setup”).
  3. When printing or copying, you need to enter your KaWo3 username and your Printer-PIN (you can find it here)
  4. If the paper is empty, there is a paper jam or any other problem with the printer, contact us (see “Contact”)
  5. Please do not open any flaps on the printer and do not switch off the printer, otherwise no print jobs can be processed.


Windows 10



  • Download the personalised PC6 driver over here
  • Add the printer with the help of the PPD-file


The Drucker-AG (printer team) takes care of a smooth printer operation.

  1. Speaker: Jonathan

Contact Us

If you have any questions, or even if you can imagine to participate in the operation of the printer, please contact us.


Lass uns eine Mail über das Kontaktformular zukommen. Der Fehler wird dann von uns zeitnah gelöst!
Achte darauf, dass du genug Kontingent für deinen Ausdruck aufgeladen hast und im Fall von Schwarz-Weiß im Xerox Treiber "Xerox Schwarzweiß" auf "Ein" gestellt hast. Schau außerdem nach, ob der Papiertyp richtig eingestellt ist, unser Drucker unterstützt nur A4 & A3 Formate!