Various events are frequently held at and around the dormitory. These include game nights, movie nights, LAN parties, running dinners and more.

Game Nights

Games nights are held several times a month. The Spiele AG hosts these events and makes its collection of board games available. Keep an eye on Telegram or the calendar for announcements. Also, be sure to bring your favorite, recent, or unfamiliar board games!


KaWoRockt is our progressive dinner event in the neighborhood, based on rudirockt, which originated in Aachen and is always well attended here. If possible, teams from all three KaWos (KaWo1, KaWo2, KaWo3) take part.

The basic principle: Each course of the dinner takes place at a different location. Teams of two participants are formed. Each team prepares a previously assigned course in its own kitchen. As guests, you can then expect two teams. In addition, you yourself are a guest of two different teams.

Thus, all participants enjoy a 3-course menu consisting of appetizer, main course and dessert. All in all, you get to know 12 new people in one evening over a shared dinner.

Sounds stressful and demanding from a culinary point of view? Don’t worry, you don’t have to be an amateur chef to participate.

Movie Nights

Occasionally we show current movies or classics on a projector. What is shown will be announced on Telegram beforehand. Suggestions for movies are always welcome. Please send them to the Beamer AG.

Snack Sunday

Under the format Snack Sunday hides our residents’ meeting, which takes place Sunday and where you can talk about studies, dormitory, Aachen and more over a glass of water/coffee/tea. The date for the Snack Sunday is entered in our calendar on, so if it is not entered, the Snack Sunday unfortunately does not take place


LAN parties under the title “InterWebz K1/3” are organized by the network association and take place together with the residents of KaWo 1. Online games are not played at all. Usually classics are played, sometimes we try something new. Since we don’t have any special hardware requirements, everyone is welcome.