On Your Doorstep

  • DHL Packstation: send or receive DHL packages at any time of the day
  • Express Markt: small convenience store at the dorm. Also functions as a UPS Access Point.
  • Cambio Carsharing: One car; cheaply rentable by the hour
  • KaWo-Bar: the bar at KaWo 1
  • K2-Bar: the bar at KaWo 2
  • Bus stops: Kastanienweg, Hörn Brücke, Auf der Hörn
  • Getränke Mertens: the neighbourhood beverage market
DHL Packstation am Wendekreis vor dem Wohnheim. Dahinter Cambio Carsharing und der Kiosk am Wohnheim.


Easily Reachable

  • Supermarkets
    • Aldi Süd (Campus West)
    • Rewe (Pontstraße)
    • Netto (Campus Mitte)
    • Kaufland
  • Uniklinik RWTH Aachen (university hospital)
  • Campus Mitte (central campus)
  • (in the future) Campus West