First try to reach the janitor on site. If he is not there, you will have to call a locksmith.

The Studierendenwerk has more information about this here under the point "Schl├╝sseldienst".

If you have any questions about the dormitory, our janitor is your first point of contact.

Rental questions are answered by the Studierendenwerk's dormitory administration.

The office of the janitor is located next to the laundry room opposite the entrance of house 3 (Kastanienweg 12). Next to the door is a glass box with telephone number, mail address and office hours.

The house association, KaWo Drei e.V., offers many activities around the dormitory and advocates for the interests of the residents. You can find more information here.

Although the cards are needed for washing, there is no possibility to recharge them in the dormitory itself.

Recharging is possible during opening hours at many places in Aachen. These include the Mensa Ahornstra├če, Mensa Vita and Mensa Academica.

Next to each cellar entrance there are residual waste, bio garbage can, paper garbage can and yellow bag.

If you want to dispose of bulky waste, there is a waste disposal area between house 4 (Kastanienweg 14) and KaWo 2 and at the lower stairs between KaWo 1 and house 1 (Kastanienweg).

Electrical waste can be disposed of free of charge at many electrical retailers.

All information about the network and your connection can be found on the page of the Netzwerk e.V..

You can sign up for it on the Netzwerk e.V. page.

Please submit the completed cancellation form to the Studierendenwerk. The notice period is usually two months. Please note the period of notice in your rental contract.

You have to cancel your network connection separately. This is possible here.